Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction) - Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Reduction Mammoplasty (Breast Reduction)

Large breasts are often associated with upper back and neck discomfort, bra strap grooving, and occasional skin changes underneath the breast. This procedure reduces the volume of the breast and lifts the nipple and areola to a more pleasing position.

Following the surgery, the symptoms associated with large breasts are often relieved leading to positive lifestyle changes. The downside of this procedure is the permanent scars remaining on the "reduced" breast. These extend from the fold beneath the breast up to and around the new nipple and areola position. With time, the scars gradually fade and become less noticeable. In general, the benefits of this procedure outweigh the appearance of the resultant scars. For most women, this procedure is covered by MSP.

The best results are achieved in women who are non-smokers and close to their ideal weight.

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